Gina I. Rodriguez
Writer. Reader. Maker.
I am a hardcore humanist, writer, and martial arts practitioner.

I'm a daughter of immigrants. I got my MFA at NYU. I live in Harlem nowadays and work in Washington Heights. I love dogs and will snuggle any that will have me.
About Me
  1. I Make
    After DIY-ing my wedding with my mother, I've gotten back into art. At work, I get to play with UX, graphic design, and photography. At home, I'm working on my Halloween costume.
  2. I Write
    I'm writing a novel about Chilean and American history. That's why you never see me! I also read plenty and can't wait to hear what's on your night table.
  3. I Strike
    I hit punching bags, Thai pads, mitts. I use my hands, feet, elbows, and knees. I have a brown belt in Isshinryu Karate. I'm addicted to the camaraderie that comes with it.
Fiction / Poetry
  • "Carl's Saga," an entry in "Sagas of New York," ed. Rick Moody, Golden Handcuffs Review, Issue 18, Spring-Summer 2014
  • "A triptych unfolded. Strength, Jealousy and Remorse," (Things I Like a Lot)^3, June 2013
  • "Home," The Acentos Review, Feb. 2012
  • "To the Altar of Adonis,", Issue 16 (Sept. 2011)

Author Interviews
  • Alexander Chee , author of Queen of the Night, The Rumpus, Feb. 2016
  • Brian Turner , author of My Life as a Foreign Country, The Rumpus, Dec. 2014

Book Reviews